Mr. William F. Moran, III

      WILLIAM F. MORAN, III, was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1960. Mr. Moran was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1985, the United States District Court for the Central District of Illinois in 1986, the United States Supreme Court in 1989, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in 1999. Mr. Moran attended Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, receiving his Undergraduate Degree in 1982. He went on to attend Southern Illinois University School of Law, where he received his Juris Doctorate in 1985. Prior to his joining the firm in July of 1994, Mr. Moran was Counsel for the Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission from 1985-1994. Mr. Moran is a member of the Sangamon County and Illinois State Bar Associations. He concentrates his practice to the areas of Administrative Law, including the representation of attorneys before the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission and other professionals before the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation, Civil and Criminal Litigation, Appeals, Family Law and General Practice.

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